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Are you thinking of beginning a career in the world of Development? Then you must be really pondering over which language to choose since you are new to this field, nothing will work out my friend, but these top 10 programming languages of 2017. The world of programming is really huge and perplexed in the beginning, but when you get into and understand the basics, things really become easy and straight. When you go through these top 10 programming languages, your efficiency as a programmer or a blogger really increases and you become a pro at it.  These languages will assist you and these lay down a framework of programming, especially for a beginner. Go through the top 10 programming languages of 2017, which one is easy and useful to pick for your programming purpose and flourish your career. Nothing seems to be difficult now when you such an amazing layout of plan waiting for you.


1. Python

Python is one of the 10 programming languages of 2017 which is truly dynamic in nature. It offers a language quite easy to understand, amazing code readability. It is used as a general-purpose language. With Python, the multi-paradigm paradigms have become really easy.

2. C

C is a programming language which focusses on structure oriented programming. Programmers have found C language as the top 10 programming languages of 2017 and mostly used as it exhibits a very easy and fast language. It is easily accessible and can be used on many platforms.


3. Java

Java is used by 3 billion devices all across the world and therefore it has been rated as one of the top 10 programming languages of 2017. It is a noted language when the programming for general aim is taken into account. It is highly dynamic in nature as it runs on many platforms without any alterations. The Java code is written on one platform can be used on another platform as well, this is called the principle of ‘WORA’ and this means write once and run anywhere.


4. C++

C++ is also known as OOP language which stands for object-oriented programming commonly used for day to day programming purposes.C++ is derived from C language. C++ is a medium and transition between high and low language and therefore it is known as an intermediate language. It attracts a lot of programmers as it enriches your experience in programming as it allows multi-paradigm programming.  Therefore it undoubtedly stands as one of the top 10 programming languages of 2017.


5. C#

C# is increasingly becoming popular in the domain of programming. C# is known for its simplistic language and therefore known as one of top 10 programming languages of 2017. It does not lag behind as it caters the modern programming needs which include general purpose programming and object-oriented programming. C# has been tagged as the Common Language Infrastructure by Microsoft.

6. R

R is a programming language highly used in programming graphics and statistics. Bell Laboratories has developed R. It is widely used in the mathematical field like it displays plenty of mathematical expressions and symbols. With using R language in programming, you handle mathematical stuff with ease.  It is known for its R environment which is highly advantageous for its statisticians and mathematicians.


7. Javascript

JavaScript is one of the top programming languages of 2017, which works in HTML and makes your programming much easier. It attracts a lot of traffic to your website by adding a lot of interactive and interesting options to your websites like games, animation and much more. JavaScript is a language which defines how your web pages are behaving. JavaScript produces the content of your websites and makes it look very attractive to the users and other viewers. It is among the top programming languages used in 2017.


8. PHP

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor and best suited for the purpose of web development. It is also a general-purpose programming language. This is a very easy programming language to learn and understand. It is an open source programming language. You can easily download and use PHP for free. It is gaining popularity in the world of blogging, and it is mostly used on WordPress. PHP is a big tool for bloggers and the reason why it is appreciated because it is known for its dynamic nature, you can very easily create content, edit it, manipulate it, add other stuff to make it interesting and much more.

9. Swift

Swift has been very thoughtfully developed by Apple and highly preferred by iOS developers. Apple has laid out an alternative language to the language of Objective-C which is Swift. This is a very easy language to learn and apply as it involves simple syntax and it is used for modern programming. Much of attention to its easy language and modern application, we have given a prime rank to Swift as one of the top 10 programming languages of 2017.

10. Go

Go is an acronym for golang which is a programming language. It is an open-source language which is used on much-operating software. Google is the prime mind behind the invention of Go. It is inbuilt with amazing features like garbage collection, limited structural typing, and memory safety, hence making it one of the top 10 programming languages of 2017.

Now you should undoubtedly take a breath of relief because we have done your work and given you the best sorted and collected a list of top 10 programming languages of 2017. With this guide, your experience as a blogger and as a software developer will definitely improve. These languages are best suited for professionals working in the field of app development, software design, web design and web application, therefore just pick anyone suitable for your need and fuel your career.

If you find any problem while understanding any of the languages mentioned above, then do let us know by commenting on the comment box.

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