5+ Flappy Bird Game using JavaScript, HTML & CSS

In this tutorial of Flappy Bird Game using JavaScript, we will be showing you a demo of 5 different yet similar types of single tap games built by using vanilla JavaScript. Are you excited to get started? Let’s begin.

Flappy Bird Game using JavaScript

1. Flappy Bird Game with Different Character

In this blog we will exclusively discuss the way to create a flappy bird game using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. At the end, you will have a working, playable game that you can enjoy. Also, you will have a better idea of how games are implemented on a basic level in JavaScript, and how to structure your code.

Not only do we build the game and you have a working application at the end, but you also get to enjoy the classic game of flappy bird that was very popular back in the day. You can also deploy it somewhere if you wish to.


See the Pen Flappy Dino by Michael (@mlho) on CodePen.

2. Flappy Ring Game with Different Concept

It’s very similar to the flappy bird game. Here we have a ring instead of a bird and our aim is to save the ring from obstacles in order to earn points. The code isn’t responsive. It’s a challenge for the readers to make it responsive.


See the Pen Flappy Ring – p5.js by Zed Dash (@z-) on CodePen.

3. Flappy Block Game – FLY (Easy to Play)

In this game, you need to move a tiny piece of pen and save it from the blocks which will come on its way as hurdles. Press on the spacebar to jump on the blocks and earn your points. It’s an interesting game which you can build and enhance your front end skills. The given code isn’t responsive. Try to apply your front end knowledge and make it responsive.


See the Pen Flappy Block by Michael Wood (@mwooddesigns) on CodePen.

4. Flappy Text Game with Multiple Lives/Chances

Here, you can give your text in the input area and those letters present in your text will be put inside a block. You need to move the blocks to the final destination without getting hit by the hurdles. The game is pretty simple and easy to build. Understand the code and write all by yourself to learn the logic.


See the Pen Flappy Text by sakri rosenstrom (@sakri) on CodePen.

5. Flappy Game – (8-Bit Pixelated Version)

The game physics are similar to Flappy Bird and the 8-bit graphics are used here as the name of the game makes it pretty obvious. Save the bird from the obstacles in order to earn points. This is the fundamental objective in all the games discussed here. The provided code is responsive and user friendly.


See the Pen 8Bit Flappy by Martynas Linkevicius (@iiSeptum) on CodePen.

Hope the demo & the tutorial was useful and helpful to you and you learnt to code a game with JS and something different from the code provided. Hit up the comment section if you have any queries.

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