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Coding Is Easy

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Started as a normal Software Developer in a Reputed MNC and now making tutorials on a trendy and fast technology like React Native. my story is full of twists and turns. learned many languages through my programming journey from my engineering days to fulfilling requirements of clients in my freelancing work to give my best as a team member in my company. I have learned, practiced & implemented new technologies with creative ideas to create something new. you can think of me as a programming enthusiast, who like to do code in free time.

as I have read a beautiful line on the internet about programmers –

“I am a programmer I made your life easier” 

and I think it’s true. we programmers do programming build business logic and many other things which made people life easy. like we created software to make payments from around the world and many other things which almost everyone uses in his/her everyday life.

the biggest example of programmers power is “Social Media”  we can not even think our life without social media nowadays.

About Me

Programming Enthusiast, Did B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from A.K.T.U, now a Software Developer in a Reputed MNC.

My Hobbies – obviously the first hobby is   Programming, and from many other Hobbies, some of most common I like to do when I am tired of programming are – Playing Games on my PS3 and  Playing Guitar.

I Have Learned many programming languages, started from learning Q Basic in High School then Learned C, C++ & Java in Engineering. but when I joined my Company my first language I worked on was JQuery. and from that day I am continuously working with JQuery, JavaScript, and other JavaScript Libraries like React JS. and I must say I Love to Code in these Languages as these are easy to use and powerful at the same time you can do almost anything in these languages.

and one day my teammates were discussing on a new Language they get to know about and that language was React Native. that time I was confused what is this Programming Language about then I decided to learn about React Native so I googled it and found some links I read about React Native and decided to Learn this awesome Programming Language. then I started learning and from that day to today I have Completed making 3 Android apps using React Native and I will continue this process until I will be expert in this awesome Technology.

Eventually a few days back I was chatting with my Best Friend He is also a Software Engineer and Digital Marketing Expert. He just said he has a domain name which is related to Programming so my mind just clicked and I took this domain name www.codingiseasy.com and Decided to make some easy Tutorials on React Native for those who like to learn new things the easy way.

Hope you guys Enjoy Reading My Tutorials and follow my code to make your React Native Android Application.

That’s all about me and my Programming Journey if you want to Hire me just ping me on my facebook account and I will be there to help you. press Hire Me Button on my Blog to go to my FB account.

Happy Coding