How to create a gradient border in CSS

Create a Gradient Border in CSS

Hey Programmers!. In this blog, we will see how to create a gradient border in CSS. It’s a very simple task and you can use this in your web pages and make it look more attractive and eye-catching. In order to show the gradients of a border with CSS properties, we can use the border-image … Read more

Animated Gold CSS Text Effect (3+ Demos)

Animated Gold CSS Text Effect

In many websites, you may have seen Golden text with gradient effect. This effect gives the text an elegant look which adds beauty to the overall website. In this tutorial, you will be learning to create an animated gold text with CSS that will surely make your website & UI look premium. Different Examples for … Read more

How to optimize images for SEO, Website Performance, and User Accessibility – React JS, Next JS, Static.

Optimize Webpage with Images

Hey Programmers! In this blog, we will see how to optimize images for SEO (Search Engine Optimization for better ranking on Google, Bing, Yahoo etc), Website Speed & Performance and User Accessibility (In case the image doesn’t get load for any reason.). Optimizations means improving for the best and we will see how we can … Read more

Simple HTML/CSS Tabs without JavaScript

Simple HTML CSS Tabs without JavaScript

In this tutorial, we are going to create some useful and very simple CSS tabs without using JavaScript. Generally on internet you will find the resources that have developed Tabs using JavaScript, but here you will find the code using a different technique where we have only used the CSS to create tabs. It’s always … Read more