Expanding Search Bar CSS & HTML (No JS)

Expanding Search Bar Using CSS & HTML

Many of us might have noticed websites that have a search bar which expands on click by the user. It’s that amazing and convenient. Moreover it gives a responsive look to our websites and make it very interesting and serves a great user experience with beautiful animation. In this tutorial, we are going to create … Read more

CSS Grouping and Nesting

CSS Grouping and Nesting

When a programmer works on big projects then the code consists of thousands of lines, so if any other team member or any other programmer wants to refer to the code, he/she may get confused and will not be able to understand it. So, to solve this kind of problem we have CSS Grouping and … Read more

What & How to Use CSS Position Property? (Positioning: Sticky, Fixed, Absolute, Relative)

How to Use CSS Position Property?

Element Positioning CSS The positioning property of CSS gives us the information about where an element or an entity is placed on a webpage. There are five different types of position property available in CSS and those are: Fixed Absolute Relative Sticky Static Let’s deep dive into each of the position property of CSS one … Read more

Add/Create a Search Icon Inside Input Box with HTML and CSS

Create a Search Icon Inside Input Box with HTML and CSS

There’s hardly any website nowadays that you’ll come across which doesn’t have a search button. And it has become one of the most important elements of a website now. Keeping a search icon inside the input box gives users a more clear idea that the input box is created for searching something. Every website has … Read more

Pure CSS Sticky Header | HTML with Demo

Pure CSS Sticky Header

A sticky header is a navigation bar or a menu bar which remains on top of our web page even when we scroll down. In simpler words, a sticky header remains fixed on top of the page. This allows users to access other routes easily without scrolling back to top. Sticky headers cover a significant … Read more